Saturday, August 15, 2009

(T- Day) HiWaay Sprint Triathlon

I did it. It was not pretty, it was not fast, but I did it.
Prep for this race included 60 pool miles, 1500 bike miles, and 1100 run miles. Still not competitive, but there will be next year.

The run was fairly technical. Turned my ankle twice. Only turned it 3 times on the McKay Hollow Half Marathon.

Finished run 22:26 unofficial.

Biking went better 21:33 including transition I think. Very good course and traffic control.

Swim was survival mode 14:14, should have been around 9:30 and 10:30. Let me apologize now for anyone I got in the way of. I am not fast, but navigating the other bodies was tough. I had to stop a few times and after each length. The traffic really put me off my rhythm and pace.

Total race - Overall around 58 minutes unofficial.

My friend Dave “the torpedo” Truitt beat me by 6 min overall. I was a few seconds ahead after the run.
He gained on the transition, bike and swim.

I will be back working on distance for some ultras this winter/spring.