Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 Year In Review

2012 was a pretty good year. I had some really good base mileage this fall.  I ran a duathlon, 50K, 5Ks and an 8K.

This year I ran 1409 miles at an average pace of 7:48 min/miles and biked 1490 miles at an average speed of  17.1 mph. It was a breakthrough year for my swimming. I swam 178 miles at an average mile pace of 35:10 which is 3 minutes better than the pace I had in 2011. 

In May I passed-out at the finish of Priceville Parks and Recreation 5K. This was the second time I did this. I passed out at Jesse Owens 10K in 2011. The ironic thing is that the 2 races are on the same day.  I still managed 1st place in my age group and 16th overall out of 124.  I beat the heat this year by running fast all summer and finished a 5K in August with a 20:16. This is faster then I believed possible for me in the heat of summer.

I developed more base this year. I was completing 20 mile long runs just about every Saturday this fall in preparation for the Rocket City  Marathon. In November I developed pain in the big toe and ball of my right foot. I was limping every where even walking. This forced me to stop running in November. I was able to resume running by the last day of the year.

God has blessed me with another year of running.