Thursday, November 21, 2013

Suposed to be a recovery run

What a great run. I did not expect to have my best 8 miler in weeks/months on a recovery week. I have truly recovered faster from this 50K then I expected.  Monday was a pretty easy recovery run. I was a little achy Monday, but still managed a pretty good run. Today I felt great and the run felt great. I managed a great pace without a drop off at the end. Not sure if this makes sense having my best time in weeks only days after a grueling 50K. The Garmin recorded 8.26 miles on what usually is 8.29 miles in 57:56. Even with the stingy Garmin I had the best time in months.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ready or Not... Dizzy 50K or Bust.

Well it's here... Dizzy 50K week. This year I hope to do better than ever on a 50K. I have run trails and vertically challenging long runs from spring until now. My 3 week training program has consisted of long runs, one week a technical trail run, one week a hilly 19 or 20 miler, and then an average 16 miler. I feel ready for the vertical trail sections this year. The only thing I could have done a better job on would be some long 3 to 4 hour runs.

My trail runs consisted of about 1800 feet of elevation over 8.5 miles and the long runs were around 1400 feet of elevation over 18 to 20 miles.

The weather looks great with a low of 49 degrees to start with. I feel great and my nagging ankle has subsided some in the last few weeks. I did a little tapering this week. 7 miles of hill repeats Monday and an easy 3.3 miler Wednesday. I went swimming Tuesday and Thursday and probably will Friday.

New Inov8's are broken in and my newly refurbished Garmin 305 is working great. Got the race day hair cut Wednesday and plan to eat a whole pizza Friday night. If I do poorly this year, I will be disappointed because I feel really well prepared this year.

Posted below is my 2010 effort at Dizzy 50K. This actual finishing time was around 5:20. The Strava data only counted moving pace.