Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is There a Scout Badge for Urinating in the Woods?

I had company on my favorite weekly run. Over 100 scouts were camping beside the trail.

What is it about the woods that reduces the inhibition about fulfilling nature’s call? I even saw an adult relieving his self along the trail. I could understand relieving oneself in the forest, but this is a municipal trail. This area has lots of walkers, bikers, and an ice rink a 100 yards from the campsite.

I had planned to run 15 miles today. I was able to maintain a good pace for the first 10 or 12 miles.
I decided to run the last 3 miles as cool down miles. The bicycling on Thursday and Friday had a cumulative effect on my running. Usually it is an easy swim on Friday.

I will be mowing and mopping later today. I gave up my riding mower for the exercise benefits of a push mower. Anything that requires motion is good for training.

Bicycling tomorrow hopefully around 20 miles.

Today by the numbers:
65F perfect conditions.
1. 7:06
2. 7:16
3. 7:13
4. 7:14
5. 7:19
6. 7:17
7. 7:26
8. 7:23
9. 7:26
10. 7:30
11. 7:31
12. 7:32
13. 7:53 Cool Down miles
14. 7:56
15. 7:54
Total 1:52:02

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pool Closed

Pool closed, something is broken, so I decided to reacquaint myself with the road bike.

First serious bike riding since the wreck in January. Rode 18 miles on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully another 20 plus on Sunday.
Great week of running. Looking forward to a long non-technical trail run tomorrow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice long run and a real good week

I ran my favorite non-technical trail today. 50F calm conditions.
Pretty standard for me. There was a guy ahead of me on the trail so passing him help me up my pace on mile 10. I always run better pacing off other runners. I never pass Tyrone Harris.
Pacing of miles:
1. 7:11
2. 7:19
3. 7:17
4. 7:12
5. 7:16
6. 7:18
7. 7:21
8. 7:21
9. 7:18
10. 7:09 Oh goody somebody to pass
11. 7:22
12. 7:20
13. 7:28
14. 7:20
Total 1:42:18

Had a pretty good week and my swimming continues to improve. Still not anywhere near where I need to be. I am a real drowner. Coach and I have discussed it and it seems my problem is mental. I had too little exposure to swimming as a child. Now at 49, I have to over come an extreme anxiousness about the water. I have progressed to a less frantic swimming style, but I still tire pretty quickly. A friend told me early on to think jog instead of run when it comes to swimming. He is right. Thank you Mr. Fagerman.

I should push myself more. To quote Lance Armstrong (pain is temporary… quitting is forever) quitting maybe forever and so is drowning.

It will rain tomorrow and I will be back on the infernal stationary bike.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time Off with Family

Spent the last two days out of town with the family. Good break from running and a time to recharge.

Swimming was great Wednesday. I was a little disappointed about my progress on Monday.
Wednesday was kind of a break through.

So I slowed it downs and was able to swim more constantly. I really do hate the water.

Had a good hill run Thursday and then was out of town with the family.

Got back to it today. After lunch ran 12.miles on my favorite non tech trail.

Back to swimming tomorrow AM.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Keep your mouth closed at the finish

I never seem to know where the cameras are. So as usually there are pictures with my big mouth wide open.

Barely swam 800 yards.
Feel really good after bike ride Sunday and swimming Monday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get Back on That Horse

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Lance Armstrong

I rode a real bike and not an infernal stationary bike today. I rode for over 18 miles. This was significant because in January I had a significant bike wreck. (face plant, broken tooth and 20 stitches).

I have ridden since, but nothing more than a few miles. I bought a new road bike 3 weeks ago. So early this morning around 6:10 am I rode the new bike. The temperature was 54F degrees with clear calm conditions, so it seemed to be a good morning to ride.

After the wreck I had an epiphany. I now know why a couple of bike mechanics from Ohio were so obsessed about building airplanes. They were trying to find a safer form of transportation.

So I am back to the third part of my triathlon training.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Quite Back Yet

Swimming was tough this morning. I barely finished 1000 yards. Just didn’t have it in me. Looking forward to a nice tame trail run in the morning. Hopefully 12 or more miles.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

McKay - Plus 5 - Soreness Gone and Back to Speed

Ran my usually hill workout with just a loss of a few seconds per mile. Soreness is mostly gone. Rode the infernal stationary Wednesday. Will be swimming tomorrow. And for Saturday I am looking forward to my 12 mile (walking trail) run. This is not even close to a technical trail run. After McKay it should be very enjoyable. Might even get a real bike out and ride this weekend.