Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get Back on That Horse

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Lance Armstrong

I rode a real bike and not an infernal stationary bike today. I rode for over 18 miles. This was significant because in January I had a significant bike wreck. (face plant, broken tooth and 20 stitches).

I have ridden since, but nothing more than a few miles. I bought a new road bike 3 weeks ago. So early this morning around 6:10 am I rode the new bike. The temperature was 54F degrees with clear calm conditions, so it seemed to be a good morning to ride.

After the wreck I had an epiphany. I now know why a couple of bike mechanics from Ohio were so obsessed about building airplanes. They were trying to find a safer form of transportation.

So I am back to the third part of my triathlon training.


reachdown said...

WOW! That's gruesome! Glad you're healed up and back on the horse.

Dana said...

Oh how I wish I had not clicked on the link. Crashing is one of my worst fears. I don't think I'll ever be really fast on the road for this very reason....and I'm okay with it! Glad you're healed up.