Saturday, June 6, 2009


10 dollars to enter... training with daughter... being with her for her first race... priceless.

We ran the race together and she took 2nd in her age group.She and I were pumped. She is a very tough 13 year old. I am as always very proud of her and her sister.
Cool morning and ditches were full… Great conditions for this year’s Eurocross. The water crossings were wild.

We started out in the middle of the pack. This was her first 5k race.
The water was over the banks, so when we crossed the extra water concealed the drop off for the original bank. Slick and muddy it was wild at the crossing. Mike Greene had advised me to wear old shoes and embrace the mud.

I think we started out a little fast for my daughter’s normal pace. She seemed a little overwhelmed during the first 1.5 K. She hung in there and we maintained a good pace. We got muddy and had a blast. During the last lap I told her to save something for the finish.

When she turned it on with the finish in site she shot out ahead of me. Great race and a great day with my family.

By the numbers.
1. 5:43 fast start
2. 6:10 reality set in
3. 6:34
4. 6:29
5. 6:02 strong finish
Total 30:59 for both of us (she finished second place in her age group)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Over Training

OK I should have slacked this week, but I did not. Hills and a 20 mile bike ride do not leave much left.

Week in review:
12 mile long run Saturday, 23 mile bike ride Sunday, .8 mile swim Monday, 6.2 mile hill workout Tuesday, 20 mile bike ride Wednesday, 6.2 mile tempo run today.

Oops guess I blew it.

Ran my 10K tempo route today and I had nothing. Best I could do was long run pace.

5K Euro cross Saturday will not be a good outing for me. I will swim tomorrow for a easier Friday and to give my legs a break.

We will see what happens Saturday. No predictions just hoping to average under a 7 minute mile.

My daughter will be running. It is our first race together, so it should be a good day any way it turns out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Change is Good

I ran with a friend of mine this AM. We ran my hill route. He suggested running it a little differently than I usually run it. It was a great change of pace and I think I will try it this way for a while.

I am really anal about routines. If it works, I keep it until something better comes along.
Guess what… something did this morning?

Thanks a lot Wayne for the change.