Thursday, June 4, 2009

Over Training

OK I should have slacked this week, but I did not. Hills and a 20 mile bike ride do not leave much left.

Week in review:
12 mile long run Saturday, 23 mile bike ride Sunday, .8 mile swim Monday, 6.2 mile hill workout Tuesday, 20 mile bike ride Wednesday, 6.2 mile tempo run today.

Oops guess I blew it.

Ran my 10K tempo route today and I had nothing. Best I could do was long run pace.

5K Euro cross Saturday will not be a good outing for me. I will swim tomorrow for a easier Friday and to give my legs a break.

We will see what happens Saturday. No predictions just hoping to average under a 7 minute mile.

My daughter will be running. It is our first race together, so it should be a good day any way it turns out.

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