Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glorious Day for Running

59 Degrees at 6:00 am. What a good morning for a run. Made better pace than last week.
It has been a great week of training.

The swimming was better this week. 3 quarters of a mile in 33 minutes.Very little recovery between laps. Kept thinking jog instead of running. Thanks for the advice Mr Fagerman.

Bike riding for tomorrow.

Long run by the numbers.
1. 7:15
2. 7:19
3. 7:15
4. 7:13
5. 7:11
6. 7:21
7. 7:21
8. 7:29
9. 7:21
10. 7:24
11. 7:28
12. 7:20

Total 1:28:03 7:20 per mile pace.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Week of Activity

Biked, swam and ran this week. Looking forward to running with my daughter in a couple weeks. Her first race.

Road the infernal stationary bike today.Long run Saturday. Off the usually pace, but it feels good to ramp up the mileage and get back to a long run on Saturday.

Warm humid weather makes for slower running.
Saturday's run by the numbers:
1. 7:31
2. 7:28
3. 7:21
4. 7:24
5. 7:27
6. 7:32
7. 7:36
8. 7:42
9. 7:46
10. 7:47
11. 7:53
12. 7:37
Overall 1:31:09 7:36 average pace

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jesse Owens 10K

Good race. They do a great job organizing this race. My pacing was better and I made my goal.
The race course is not strictly flat there are some rolling hills to keep you honest and make you work. A shower cooled down the air some, but it was still muggy and warm.

Started out with the leaders and then after half a mile let them slip further ahead. I would never have been able to pace with them. I just use them to establish my initial pace. I kept them in site most of the race. Started at a good pace and managed to not lose too much on the last miles. I was passed a few times late in the race.

By the numbers:16th overall 3rd in age group
1. 6:29
2. 6:40
3. 6:44
4. 6:50
5. 7:04
6. 7:03
7. 1:28 Last .2
42:22 total 6:50 per mile

Posting a goal really motivates me to achieve it. Nothing like making a goal public to hold your feet to the fire.

Jesse Owens is a great race and I hope to run it next year. They give real trophies and a glass mug to finishers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Light Week

Jesse Owens 10K tomorrow. I have had a good week. My goal is to break 43 minutes.

Did around 44:35 2 years ago in a bad effort. Hope to do better tomorrow.

Weather maybe a concern. We will see.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Goals are Great When You Attain Them

My goal for the Steeple Chase 8k was to run it in under 34 minutes.
I made it. Great race, the organizers did a great job laying out the course. Really nice tee shirt and free stuff. I will try to run the race next year.

Started out at almost 5K race pace. I always have a good first mile. I try not to have to good of a mile. Still I usually have my best mile during the first mile. Leaders were in sight but minutes ahead. I paced off a young guy till I passed him after mile 2. I then paced off of another 25 year old. I passed him after mile 4. He blew by me in a well-timed sprint for the finish at about 5 blocks from the end. I had my time and did not give up my pace much. Pacing was pretty good on the last .97.

I did not realize until later that the 2nd place in my age group was only 1 second behind me. I had no idea anybody was that close. If I had known that, I might of picked up my pace a little towards the end.

By the numbers:
8th overall and first place age group.

6:41 Last .97
33:48 Total

Great race and the race benefits the Neighborhood Christian Center. Kudos to the organizers for a great race benefiting a great cause. My only regrets are no long run this morning. Next week Jesse Owens 10K.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Breakthrough Swimming

I am finally turning the corner on the swimming. I am starting to push the envelope a little. More reps with less time in between. I am finally able to push myself and go beyond my comfort level. Still hate the water but it is a little more bearable.

I am tired of pure swimmers running better that I can swim.

Countdown to the Steeple Chase 8K. The race is Saturday. I missed a run this week with the weather. I think I am ready. I would like to run the race in under 34 minutes. With the warmer temperature and humidity I think it will be a challenge. The course is not flat with a giant overpass to run twice and some hills. We will see Saturday and next week Jesse Owens 10K.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Good Week

Missed a day of swimming – AM thunderstorm Friday

Running and riding felt good.
Monday’s swim was great 1250 yards.

Had company on the first part of today’s run.
Nice conversational pace first half.
Had a golf cart to pass on the last half mile.

First 6 with Dave
1. 8:30
2. 8:15
3. 8:38
4. 8:18
5. 8:20
6. 8:22
7. 7:31
8. 7:35
9. 7:30
10. 7:21
11. 7:29
12. 7:35
13. Last two halves - 3:49 and 3:39 (raced a golf cart on the last half)
Total 1:42:58 - 7:55 per mile average.
Next week Steeple Chase 8K