Saturday, May 9, 2009

Goals are Great When You Attain Them

My goal for the Steeple Chase 8k was to run it in under 34 minutes.
I made it. Great race, the organizers did a great job laying out the course. Really nice tee shirt and free stuff. I will try to run the race next year.

Started out at almost 5K race pace. I always have a good first mile. I try not to have to good of a mile. Still I usually have my best mile during the first mile. Leaders were in sight but minutes ahead. I paced off a young guy till I passed him after mile 2. I then paced off of another 25 year old. I passed him after mile 4. He blew by me in a well-timed sprint for the finish at about 5 blocks from the end. I had my time and did not give up my pace much. Pacing was pretty good on the last .97.

I did not realize until later that the 2nd place in my age group was only 1 second behind me. I had no idea anybody was that close. If I had known that, I might of picked up my pace a little towards the end.

By the numbers:
8th overall and first place age group.

6:41 Last .97
33:48 Total

Great race and the race benefits the Neighborhood Christian Center. Kudos to the organizers for a great race benefiting a great cause. My only regrets are no long run this morning. Next week Jesse Owens 10K.

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