Friday, May 4, 2012

The Need for Speed

Since Mckay Hollow I have been concentrating on keeping my base, which consists of a tempo, hill interval, and a 16 or 20 mile run each week. My base is a little over 30 miles per week. I want to keep my base so I can do some ultras this fall and winter.  My immediate concern is to increase my short distance speed, so I can be competitive on a 5K or 10K course. I am still wanting to break 20 minutes on a 5K.

The high mileage has not been conducive to short course speed. Running shorter distances puts a little different stress on your mind and body. Over the last months I have been concentrating on lengthening my stride. I had shorten my stride for the long trail race and ultra I ran back in February and March.

With the shorter races in mind I have chosen the 8K Steeple Chase race as a good transition for me. It is shorter than I have been running, but long enough for my high mileage base to help me out some. My PR for this race is 33:48. I would like to better that PR if possible. The race is well done and I have really enjoyed running it in the past. I am big on visualization and so for tonight I will be watching Chariots of Fire for a little inspiration and tomorrow morning about 7:00 am I will be lining up for my shortest and fastest race since August. Hopefully I have been able to get my mind and body around this race.