Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Goodbye Old Friends

For me trail shoes become old friends. I usually run more miles and spend more time in a pair of trail shoes. They hang around longer then a pair of road shoes and I share some pretty good adventures with them.

Now I  am saying good by to my Inov8 RocLite 295s. Our friendship started  in January of 2012. I ran 50 and  25K trails races with these shoes plus all the training runs for the races. I have really liked these shoes. They have endured 627 miles and almost 2 years of trail running. They are still runnable, but they are starting to look unreliable. They are developing holes at the flex point at the toe box. One of the shoes string bindings has broken. Although they did not out last my 50 dollar pair of Nike Alvords, they seem to be a better trail shoe for me.

The Alvords were tanks and they still are in pretty good shape, but they were not as good on the trail terrain as the RocLite 295s. This is why I bought another pair of RocLite 295s. Maybe I will hike in the old ones or kind of give them a Norse/Teutonic send off in the backyard. So if you smell burnt rubber you might want to give them a moment of silence.