I have always hated vegetables. I have always been pretty much a meat eater. Running was an incentive to modify my diet to the good.

I have always liked fruit, so this is were I started. I added more fruit to my diet and started avoiding regular sugar. I discovered that lots of things can be put in a blender and frozen fruits and vegetables are cheap and convenient.

Currently I have a morning smoothie that consists of most of the following:
1. 2 bananas (frozen when ripe)
2. Frozen strawberries and blueberries
3. Ground flax seed and cocoa
4. Plain yogurt
5. Pasteurized egg whites
6. Grape juice to sweeten
7. Frozen orange juice
8. Milk and frozen carrots or broccoli (yes you can blend up just about anything)
Sometimes I add Cinnamon for the taste and antioxidants. You will find that lots of things can be ground up in a blender as a smoothie.

My children have always referred to this concoction as yuck juice, but I have one of these smoothies just about everyday. A great breakfast was a big part of my weight control and this was easy and a good way to get nutrients I needed. I can drink on the way to work or taking the kids to skills.

So with breakfast fixed I have moved on the modifying other areas of my diet.