Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jesse Owens 10K

Good race. They do a great job organizing this race. My pacing was better and I made my goal.
The race course is not strictly flat there are some rolling hills to keep you honest and make you work. A shower cooled down the air some, but it was still muggy and warm.

Started out with the leaders and then after half a mile let them slip further ahead. I would never have been able to pace with them. I just use them to establish my initial pace. I kept them in site most of the race. Started at a good pace and managed to not lose too much on the last miles. I was passed a few times late in the race.

By the numbers:16th overall 3rd in age group
1. 6:29
2. 6:40
3. 6:44
4. 6:50
5. 7:04
6. 7:03
7. 1:28 Last .2
42:22 total 6:50 per mile

Posting a goal really motivates me to achieve it. Nothing like making a goal public to hold your feet to the fire.

Jesse Owens is a great race and I hope to run it next year. They give real trophies and a glass mug to finishers.


mikemac said...

Great race!You run good for a middle age guy.LOL!!

rundanrun said...

50 is the new 30. So 49 is about 29.

mgreene said...


Good job. Jesse Owens was my very first race back in '85.