Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice long run and a real good week

I ran my favorite non-technical trail today. 50F calm conditions.
Pretty standard for me. There was a guy ahead of me on the trail so passing him help me up my pace on mile 10. I always run better pacing off other runners. I never pass Tyrone Harris.
Pacing of miles:
1. 7:11
2. 7:19
3. 7:17
4. 7:12
5. 7:16
6. 7:18
7. 7:21
8. 7:21
9. 7:18
10. 7:09 Oh goody somebody to pass
11. 7:22
12. 7:20
13. 7:28
14. 7:20
Total 1:42:18

Had a pretty good week and my swimming continues to improve. Still not anywhere near where I need to be. I am a real drowner. Coach and I have discussed it and it seems my problem is mental. I had too little exposure to swimming as a child. Now at 49, I have to over come an extreme anxiousness about the water. I have progressed to a less frantic swimming style, but I still tire pretty quickly. A friend told me early on to think jog instead of run when it comes to swimming. He is right. Thank you Mr. Fagerman.

I should push myself more. To quote Lance Armstrong (pain is temporary… quitting is forever) quitting maybe forever and so is drowning.

It will rain tomorrow and I will be back on the infernal stationary bike.


reachdown said...

That's an impressive long run. I've never held that fast of a pace for that long. Nice job! Hope to meet you at a race soon.

rundanrun said...

I have yet to break 20 minutes on a 5K and you left me in the dust (I mean mud at the McKay Madness)