Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is There a Scout Badge for Urinating in the Woods?

I had company on my favorite weekly run. Over 100 scouts were camping beside the trail.

What is it about the woods that reduces the inhibition about fulfilling nature’s call? I even saw an adult relieving his self along the trail. I could understand relieving oneself in the forest, but this is a municipal trail. This area has lots of walkers, bikers, and an ice rink a 100 yards from the campsite.

I had planned to run 15 miles today. I was able to maintain a good pace for the first 10 or 12 miles.
I decided to run the last 3 miles as cool down miles. The bicycling on Thursday and Friday had a cumulative effect on my running. Usually it is an easy swim on Friday.

I will be mowing and mopping later today. I gave up my riding mower for the exercise benefits of a push mower. Anything that requires motion is good for training.

Bicycling tomorrow hopefully around 20 miles.

Today by the numbers:
65F perfect conditions.
1. 7:06
2. 7:16
3. 7:13
4. 7:14
5. 7:19
6. 7:17
7. 7:26
8. 7:23
9. 7:26
10. 7:30
11. 7:31
12. 7:32
13. 7:53 Cool Down miles
14. 7:56
15. 7:54
Total 1:52:02

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