Saturday, February 20, 2010

Completed Black Warrior 50K

Been there… done that… got the tee Shirt.
I finished with an unofficial time of 6 hours and 37 minute.
Much to say and many people to thank for helping me achieve this goal.
Details later… right now I must consuming mass calories.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dan. I finished in 6:57 and now I am eating also. And rehydrating...ya know.

Mike M.

reachdown said...

Nice job Dan! Those last 3 or 4 miles on the trail are really tough. You were right, it wasn't that muddy yesterday.


rundanrun said...

I was going to agree with you that it was still pretty muddy. My "minimum mud" comment. Does that place ever dry out? It was a perfect day weather-wise. The gumbo was good too.

rundanrun said...

Me too, Mike Mac. I am a binge eating and 31 miles is a perfect excuse to fall off the wagon. I started with the gumbo. 6:57… great job also. Eating lunch with you guys really helped me. Now lets go tackle McKay Hollow. I will signup tonight.

Anonymous said...

I knew you could finish! Way to go!