Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramping up for Dizzy 50

The 15 milers during the summer are starting to pay off. Started ramping up mileage last week with a 16-mile long run. This week I was able to go 18 miles and maintain a good pace. Today I ran a 7.96-mile tempo run at a sub 7 minute pace. Things are starting to come together. Signed up for Dizzy 50 first of this month. I will be doing 18 and 20-mile long runs most Saturdays till then. All the pieces are in place.

18 miles Saturday:
8:03 over first 6 miles
8:06 over 12 miles
8:07 over 18 miles
18.03 miles in 2:26:25

Back to the pool this week.

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