Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rocket City Recovery Week.

Laid off Sunday and was very sore. I figured I deserved a day off after the marathon.

Monday forced myself to run 4 miles (8:27 pace). Personally I found the soreness leaves as soon as I start running.

Tuesday swam a little over a mile. Really good swim and the soreness was much better.

Wednesday I ran my usually 7.3 mile tempo run (7:20 pace). Running was much easier, but the pace was still slower.

Thursday I rode the infernal stationary bike. I really do not like the stationary bike. Real bikes are much easier to ride.

Friday I was back to the pool for a swim. Had a really good swim and improved on my pace.

Saturday I ran the usual long run with friends. Trent, Dave, and Brad were there and Trent brought his girl friend who runs track in college. She set a pretty fast pace for the first 6 miles. After she left e settle into a more sustainable recovery pace. We picked up David Coon on the last 4 miles and Trent and I were able to finish with a pretty good pace.

Long run by the numbers:
8:32, 7:48, 7:50, 7:50, 7:48, 7:52, 9:31, 8:55, 8:58, 9:06, 9:09, 9:14, 9:08, 8:33, 8:31, 8:54, and Last .5 of a mile 4:35

I plan to build on my base mileage over the next few months. I will be adding some trail runs as preparation for Black Warrior 50K and McKay Hollow.

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