Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slow start but a great week

Last week's goals were met.

1. Weight was down from 56.86 lb to 155.79 this week.
2. Other then a slow interval run Monday my pace has been good. I managed a 15 miler at a sub 8 minute pace for the second week in a row. If I make it to 3 weeks in a row I hope to own the improvement.

I am still having some motivation issues, but my energy level is starting to return. It is getting a little easier to go out there and run, ride, or bike. Running progressed and my biking and swimming are also improving. Seeing some improvement has helped my motivation. My early Sunday ride (6:10 AM) was the longest and fastest since last fall. I hope to continue to maintain the improvement. I am considering the following races: Cotton Row, Jesse Owens, and Steeple Chase 8K. I should be ready to attempt a PR in May on theses races.

Next week's Goals to continue the plan:
1. Continue trending down on my weight. 155.79 lb last week.
2. Push the pace envelope some more (Stride, cadence, and breathing)

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