Friday, February 17, 2012

Black Warrior 50K Training

Success on this 50K will come down to whether I have paid my dues. I am a lot better prepared for this Black Warrior 50K than 2 years ago.

My plan was to keep my mileage from Rocket City Marathon by doing three 20 milers before Black Warrior.  I tried to alternate 20 milers and 16 milers or trail runs. I have found alternating Saturday long runs worked well for the Rocket City Marathon. 

I managed three good trail runs and three 20 milers to prep for the race. The 20 milers were at a sub 8:00 minute pace and  the trail runs were fairly technical, but of coarse there could always have been more. You can never do to much trail running. I like to duplicate race conditions and lack of trail runs is the weakness in my training so far.

I feel pretty good, but I have a little sinus crud. I have upgraded my shoes to Inov8 Roclite 295s. Bankhead will be muddy and wet Saturday, but when is Bankhead NOT muddy?

My goal is to run between a 5 and 6 hour race. And about those dues,  I guess for now I will have to say the the check is in the mail.

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Dana said...

5:35...looks like you hit your goal!! GREAT JOB!! I can't wait to read the recap. :D