Sunday, August 1, 2010


My first bonk. My usual 15 mile long run ended in me almost falling out.
It was a hard 12 miles and I was determined to get 15 like last week. I had to really gut out the last 3 miles. I may of found my dead-zone pace. I have run faster and much slower would have been pleasant, but the pace just left me sapped. It was hot, but I had cooled down and drank water. During post run stretches I stood up and walked over to talk to another runner. I got dizzy and woozy and nearly fell out. Luckily I was among friends and I downed a sports drink. I had been a little woozy when I finished the run, but had felt pretty good sitting there. I had Gatorade in the truck, but was trying to finish up the stretches before drinking it.

What I think happened was I had depleted my energy reserves. I had not eaten my usually large meal on Friday and I was at a calorie deficit. I was 2.5 pounds lighter before the run than I was on Friday.

So I will make sure to carb and calorie load before long runs from now on.


Getting My Words Out said...

Wow...I'm also really glad you were with friends!! What a lesson for me to remember, as I start to increase my mileage, to make sure I'm getting enough calories to fuel my runs. I'm curious what you were drinking on the run and how much??

rundanrun said...

I eat pretzels pre-run and drink water during runs. More water during hot weather workouts then cold weather. My weight had bottomed out, so I figure some of the weight loss was reserves of glycogen in my liver. Tuesday I weighed 4 pounds more than I did Saturday before running. Usually we eat out or order pizza on Fridays.