Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jesse Owens 10K - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good - 1st place in my age group and 16th overall out of 124.

The bad – running slower than my longer tempo runs. I came out to fast and with the humidity I was sapped by the 3rd mile. 1st mile was 6:20, 2nd 6:41, 3rd 6:58, 4th 7:03, 5th 7:19, 6th 7:16, last .26 at a 7:05 pace. I really had to work hard to maintain the pace on the last half. I was pushing my limits when I reached the running track at the finish. Usually I have something at the end, but I pushed and my body pushed back. As I rounded the track for the finish all I could focus on was the finishing line. It was some of the hardest running I have ever done. I had reached the end of my envelope and it was not even a PR.

The Ugly – the last thing I remember was stopping to let them pull the tag off my bib and hit the stop on the Garmin. I had passed out and I did not regain consciousness until I felt myself being guided/carried to the track infield. When I fell the race director and a friend caught me and kept me upright. When I got to the infield a doctor/medic helped me to keep walking. He kept telling me to walk and to keep my eyes open. He also explained what happened. As he explained it, when I stopped at the finish my blood pressure had dropped very low and the brain just shut down. It seems that the legs in motion produce a pumping action and when you stop you lose that. This is why he insisted I keep walking. He said if I had been allowed to lay down I would be down a long time and would not feel well the rest of the day. He got me some glucose and told me to hold it under my tongue. Looks like I just ran out of juice. I did feel better within a short time. I drove home and even mowed grass that afternoon.

I believe weight loss caused me to run out of glycogen and bonk. Until my weight hits bottom and stabilizes I will have to be careful. My weight had dropped all week and reached its lowest point on race day.

The race was great and they do a wonderful job with it. Trophies are usually 5 deep. I try to run it every other year. It was a great race and I learned a great deal about the limits of my body.

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Dana said...

CONGRATS on you AG win!! I've been struggling with the balance of losing weight and proper fueling as well (and then shocking my body by throwing in glutinous splurges every great once in a while!). You feel lighter and faster, but your body doesn't quite support the speed yet. I'm going to keep this in mind at Cotton Row. AND I'm going to keep in mind to KEEP MOVING at the finish line!! Glad there was someone on hand who knew exactly what to do rather than someone who made you lay down. :D