Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running is Fun Again

Pushing the envelope has made running fun again. Over the last few weeks I have pushed the envelope and challenged myself to run faster and longer. Running is becoming fun again.

Missed the Steeple Chase , but I was ready. The race did serve its purpose and motivated me to get faster. I had a great week of training. My weight is right on track. I had a great tempo run (sub 7:00) and a great 16 miler (7:30 pace).

I hope to continue the intensity and work towards some 5 and 10K Prs. I also hope to to attain a sub 90 minute half marathon this fall.

Week in review

Sunday, 5/08/2011 5:25 AM, Long run, 16.09 miles, 1 hr 58 min 04 secs, pace: 7:20 min/miles,

Saturday, 05/07/2011 5:00 AM, Bike (Road bike), 16.17 miles, 58 min 32 secs, 16.6 miles/hr,

Friday off

Thursday, 5/05/2011 7:45 AM, Swim (Pool), 1.53 miles, 59 min 43 secs, pace: 39:02 min/miles

Wednesday, 05/04/2011 5:30 AM, Run (Tempo run), 7.41 miles, 50 min 02 secs, pace: 6:45 min/mile,

Tuesday off

Monday 5/02/2011 5:30 AM, Run (Hills), 5.58 miles, 40 min 35 secs, pace: 7:16 min/miles

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Dana said...

I needed to read this. I'm trying to push myself as well (although my pushing looks like your lazy!). GREAT job on all fronts. :D