Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting back to where I was.

One bad outing cost me a couple weeks of running and training for the Black Warrior 50K. The injury was a setback, but it forced me to focus on my core exercises, biking, and swimming. It also made me appreciate being able to run. I realized how much I crave it now.

I ran for the first time yesterday and had some soreness, but it got better as I ran. I was a little achy after the run, but feel really great today. Tomorrow I will try running again and see how it goes.

God gave me my birthday present 2 days early... it was great to be able to run again.


Dana said...

So maybe you aren't out for BW after all????

Dana said...

(((BTW, I don't know anything about the race in Decatur you mentioned in your comment to me...I'll have to look it up, sounds like fun!)))

rundanrun said...

After I ran Tuesday without making it worse, I decided to change my registration from 50K to 25K. I lost some base miles and fitness with those 2 weeks off.

I ran hill intervals today and even felt better. In this case running through the pain Tuesday was the right thing to do. BW 25K will be good practice for MHM.