Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nice Long Run

Ran 15 miles this AM. A little achy but it was not constant and I finished strong.
I was able to average an 8:16 pace and finish faster then I started. II did manage to fall when I looked back to check on my running partner. I had left the trail and as I turned back on the trail my trusty left ankle rolled.

I was a little skinned up and my knee has been a little achy from the prior injury. I think I am ready for the 25K Black Warrior race.

I also scored a spin bike today. (Bladez Spin Power)It had been brought back by someone and they sold it to me for 100.00 off the original price. Hey you can't beat a sale. I guess I will be scrapping Grendel the infernal stationary bike very soon.

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